Where I get the blog tittle

Hello and assalamualaikum. So, let me tell you where and why I get the blog tittle and my email (thegoldenwardrobe42@yahoo.com) I get the name from my novel. Well, Malay novel actually. The tittle of the novel is "Manik Merah Jambu" in Malay, in English it means "Pink Beads". It's about two girls that live in the same house but went to different high school. The girl had a competition which was to sell the students' old things at the school to teach them early-learning to be a successful entrepreneur. So, the other girl which is really rich, give them an idea to sell all of her clothes from US, Tokyo, Hong Kong and many more. They started to work together. The other girl sew beads, embroider the clothes. Their stall had an name 'The Golden Wardrobe'. That's where I get the name for my email. The reason I choose these names because I like to sew buttons, beads and much more. So it suits me.

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